Bucky Rx’d 20.2 for SURE. 100%. No Dumbbell is too big for Buckingham!


Friday Night Lights Schedule in effect for 10/25

If you come to class at 5am, 6am, or Noon on Friday, all things are normal.

Evening classes are cancelled for Friday Night Lights. Any member can come in and get a workout, but you need to sign up for a Heat Time in order to do so. Keep your eyes on this page and the Team Hardware CrossFit FB Group for the Heat Sheet once the WOD is announced!


Part 1


15min to Perform…

A1. Bilateral Double Dumbbell Bent Over Row: 5 x 5

A2. Push Ups: 5 x 5 with most challenging variation maintaining perfect form


V1. 15min AMRAP

Strict Muscle Ups

V2. 15min AMRAP

A1. Strict, Deep Ring Dips

A2. Strict, False-Grip Ring Pull Ups

*If you can easily get 30 Reps of each in the 15min, talk to Coach about adding a tempo for more Time Under Tension. (TUT!)

Part 2


30 Single Arm Russian KB Swings (15 each arm) (35/53)

30 Double Unders

30 Sit Ups


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