Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Stay-at-Home Order, Hardware is tentatively closed through Tuesday, April 7th, 2020.

We are dedicated to continuing to provide our services to our members throughout this time. Hardware members will continue to receive workout programming, coaching, camaraderie, and support, with or without the our physical space!

Remember, Hardware CrossFit is a place, but more importantly, Hardware CrossFit is a COMMUNITY. That community may need to stay at home for a while, but it will not change who we are!


Today’s workout is brought to you by Coach Landree!

One of the most important things about CrossFit training is varying your intensity and your movements. That means that not every day can (or should) be an all out, lay on the floor for 10 minutes in a puddle of your own sweat kind of day.

Instead of a full-on REST day today, Coach Landree is giving you a day full of movement that targets your smaller muscle groups, gets you some fresh air, and of course, a moment of much needed quiet to breath and stretch!


3 Rounds

:20 Reverse Lunges

5 Inchworms into push ups

10 Butterfly Sit Ups

Butt Circuit

3 Rounds:

Frog Pumps x :30 – :60 (12-20 reps – go til fatigue)

Front Foot Elevated Curtsy Lunge x 10-12 per leg

Hip Abductions x 20 per leg

Bicep Superset

3 Rounds:

Parallel Pause Hammer Curls x 10-12 

“TUT Bicep Curls” x 8-10 (4 second eccentric)

Oblique Love:

Side Planks 3 x :15 – :30

Run, jog, or walk outside! For as long as it brings you joy!

Cool Down:

1-3 Rounds:

Cross Shin/Double Pigeon Stretch x 1 minute per leg

Dragon x 1 minute per leg


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