Here are the Teams for the Spring 2019 CrossFit Open!

*THESE ARE UPDATED with the first wave of folks who forgot to sign up by Tuesday…

Unnamed Team #1

Adrian A.
Ashley P.
Brian E.
Brianna B.
Bryan Hu.
Chris L.
Grete W.
Jamie B.
Jon B.
Katie L.
Keaton W.
Landree F.
Lynn M.
Matt McG.
Nik H.
Ozzie G.
Philip M.
Sarah B.
Stacy R.
Steve K.
Vasilis M.

Unnamed Team #2

Alex M.
Andy K.
Charlie B.
Chris J.
Christian V.
Crystal M.
Darcy V-L.
Eric J.
Jalene H.
Katie G.
Laura S.
Marci L.
Matteo O.
Nick P.
Owen D.
Pete B.
Ruth J.
Sarah P.
Shannon B.
Stefano R.
Tomas V.
Tony N. 

Unnamed Team #3

Brian S.
Carly M.
Christy C.
Connie M.
Dana F.
Dave D.
Eddie M.
Edzen L.
Eric S.
Gennifer G.
Jackie T.
Jeremy F.
Joel M.
Katy W.
Kyle K.
Lily L.
Luke S.
Melon D.
Ryan H.
Terese B.
Torry B.
Vic B.

Unnamed Team #4

Alesia T.
Bryan Ha
Caitlin F.
Eddie C.
Eduardo G
George F.
Gizem S.
Jennie E.
Jess F.
Jim Di.
Joe E.
John S.
Kristy B.
Marko D.
Mary K.
Mason B.
Melissa G.
Michael N.
Nicole B.
Sebastian G.
Steve S.
Tommy D. 


This Sunday (2/10) from 10am – 11am we will be holding our monthly FREE WORKOUT! This is free and open to the public. It’s a great way to share your time at Hardware with friends, family, or anyone else you know that may want to experience some of our awesome community! This also means that Open Gym will be from 11am-12pm on Sunday, 2/10.


The open is around the corner! We are going to be holding two 1-hour seminars dedicated to getting athletes their first muscle up or sharpening the skills of those that already have them and want to improve. We will address both ring and bar muscle ups.

This is an ALL-LEVELS, 2-Part Seminar! We will be including skills and drills that can be helpful at any level, but the coaches will determine whether or not athletes can/should try to get a full muscle up. For safety reasons, if an athlete does not have several strict pull ups/dips, they should not expect to get a muscle up during this camp.

The total cost to participate is $20 and that includes both of the 1-hour sessions. These will take place on back-to-back Saturdays. In the first hour session, we’ll work on the skills and drills needed for each piece of the muscle up and give you homework for the week. In the second session we will focus on putting those skills together into a beautiful, efficient muscle up. The following week, the CrossFit Open begins!

Session 1: Saturday, 2/9 from 12:30 – 1:30pm (following OLY Class)

Session 2: Saturday, 2/16 from 12:30 – 1:30pm (following OLY Class)

CLICK HERE to register for this 2-Part Muscle Up Camp!


Skill Session

Rowing, Squatting, and Ring Rows



Cals on the Rower

Sit Ups

*10 Burpees after each round


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