Today our friend Ryan Heywood will be completing 100 miles in hopes to raise money and awareness for the Chicago Torture Justice Center. Ryan will be running 10 mile laps starting and ending at Feast Fitness till he reach 100 miles (plan is under 24 hours). Anyone can join him on the run and for whatever distance they feel comfortable with. Ryan and LaRae would love to have Hardware athletes join them that day, even to show moral support and cheer them on between laps. I have included the link and the flier to the event. Go Ryan!



Partner WOD: Accumulate 10 rounds total I-go-you-go style of


15 Russian KB Swings

7 Burpees over KB

200 m Run


*Partner complete a full round while other Partner rest*



This workout is meant to be done with work and rest. You’ve got a couple of options. If you are solo, you can either complete a round and then rest the same amount of time it took to to complete that round , or you can just complete 5 rounds for time. Both will be a great workout!


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