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We are proud to announce a new pilot program here at Hardware: The “7 Week Endurance Training Program” for the Mountain Meltdown competition! This is a competition being held in Wilmot Mountain, WI on July 13, 2019. It involves running a 5K with 5 different WOD’s placed along the running route on a Wisconsin ski area.

Endurance athlete, Ryan David Heywood, will be leading the training program.  He will training along side the athletes as well as creating the workouts for a successful race. Since this is a pilot program we are offering 10 slots for Hardware athletes at no charge.  With the following prerequisite: the athlete needs to have at least 1 year of attending Crossfit classes.

The Competition: https://mountainmeltdown.com/locations2019  

Several Hardware athletes have already signed up for the 10am heat.  We will be car pooling the day of the race to head up together. It will be a fun day of fitness! Join us!  Even if you don’t do the training but want to compete in something challenging.

Purpose: To prepare athletes for the Mountain Meltdown race by adding 3 workouts to their  training week so they can succeed in finishing and have fun doing it. Athletes will have access to support and accountability leading up to the race.  Athletes not participating in the Mountain Meltdown are free to join as well, if they are just looking increase their endurance. When signing up for a slot please indicate if you will be running the race. 

Workouts: Athletes will already be attending 4-5 WODs a week.  One of these workouts can be added onto a WOD, while the other two can replace two of their WODs that week. Ryan will be leading/training these WODs during Thursday open gym (5:30pm) and Sunday mornings (9am) at Cricket Hill near the lakefront.  These workouts will be designed to increase their endurance, build a bigger aerobic capacity and learn to deal with lactic acid build-up when climbing steep inclines. Training begins the week of May 20, 2019. 

Sign up for a slot by sending your name to ryandavidheywood@yahoo.com  Or if you have any questions/concerns feel free to ask Ryan in person. 


Our FREE COMMUNITY WORKOUT SERIES will be making it’s triumphant return this Sunday, 5/5 from 10am -11am! Bring friends! Bring family! Share the fitness!

*Reminder that this means Open Gym will be from 11am-12pm ONLY.



Back Squat:

Find a 5 Rep Max. Then, drop the weight by 10% and perform 4 x 5.



2 – 4 – 8 – 16

Bar Muscle Ups

*400m Run / 20 Cal Bike or Row after each set


Powell Raise: 3 x 8 each arm