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Powerlifting Max Out!
8:00 AM
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Powerlifting Max Out!


Join us on Saturday, March 28th to test your strength in the 3 Power Lifts: Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift!


This event is for ALL LEVELS of lifter and we encourage any Hardware athlete to sign up! We only have 24 spots available and if it’s anything like Pride-a-Palooza, they may go fast!




So…. what is it?


Beginning at 8am, we will be running 3 “Flights” of athletes (maximum of 8 per flight) through the major lifts. Starting with the Back Squat, each athlete will be given time to warm up and establish their weight for the first attempt.


Each athlete will get 3 attempts to hit their heaviest lift, taking one attempt every 4 minutes. When Back Squatting is over, we will repeat the process for the Bench Press, and then one more time for the Deadlift. Easy!


Hardware’s class programming will be ramping up to this event so no extra training is necessary. Just keep coming to class regularly and you’ll be ready to show off your new strength gainz!


Registration opens on 2/24 and closes when we fill up all 24 spots. Once you register, Hardware will reach out to discuss your optimal Flight time.



Powerlifting Programming Cycle
0:00 AM
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Powerlifting Programming Cycle


Here’s where we are headed for the next 2 months: 


Conditioning focus: 

First four weeks – Improve your “Bear Complex WOD”

Testing Friday, Feb 21st


Last four weeks – TBD : )

            Testing on Friday, March 20th


Strength focus:

For the next 9 weeks we will be focusing on developing the powerlifting total (bench press, squat and deadlift). We will be using a weekly undulating scheme for each of these movements. That means that every week, for 3 weeks, will be a little different in terms of the specific warm up, rep max, and the volume work that will immediately follow the rep max work.  Every three weeks we will restart the cycle over again. The hope is that this reduces mental fatigue and is a little more fun. There is also research to show that this an extremely effective way to build strength. This program should feel familiar to anyone that has done Wendler’s 531.

Week 1  Week 2 Week 3 
Specific warm up Specific warm up Specific warm up
Volume work Volume work Volume work

*(This is outline is only for BP, BS, and DL that will be done during class)

 Supplemental work

For those of you that want to get stronger faster we will be programming supplemental work to be completed during open gym on Thursday, or during class on Friday (in place of the class programming).  Lifts like the bench press and back squat respond really well to 2 training session/week. That said, the deadlift, if trained more than once/week and even the bench press if trained more than twice/week, can be overdone.

All of our coaches are well equipped to guide you to make good choices with regard to your training. Don’t hesitate to flag down a coach to discuss your goals and whether adding in an additional strength session is appropriate.

Changes to the strength schedule:

A long time ago we used to do something other than squat on Monday. For the next 9 weeks we will be changing the day that we get our squat work in. Week 1 we will squat on Monday, week 2 we will squat on Tuesday, week 3 we will go back to squatting on Monday. We will continue this pattern throughout the next 9 weeks. There are many reasons to give this a try again. Please let us know what you think of the change. If you love it, maybe we will keep this format!

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Coach Mitch P.
11:00 AM
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Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Coach Mitch P.

Are you tired of looking like a jabroni when you Snatch and Clean and Jerk?
Do you often look like a newborn baby giraffe when you go for heavy singles?
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! There is a 20 participant cap to ensure participants get solid one-on-one coaching from Coach Mitch!
In this seminar we will go over:
  • Theory and application of the Olympic style lifts
  • Warm up and technique drills for the Olympic style lifts
  • 20min to find a max power clean (using some of the new ques and techniques learned)
  • Q&A
Tentative Schedule:
10:00am-10:10am Introductions
10:10am-10:25am Theory and application
10:25am-10:30am Bathroom Break
10:30am-10:50am Snatch warm up and technique work
10:50am-11:10am Clean warm up and technique work
11:10am-11:30am Jerk warm up and technique work
11:30am-11:50am Power clean max out!
Mitch’s Coaching Accolades:
  • (Education and Certs)
  • B.A. Exercise Science
  • C.S.C.S.
  • USAW L2
  • Eleiko Sports Performance

Coach of:

  • 2 Youth National qualifiers
  • 3 Junior National qualifiers
  • 4 University/U25 National qualifiers
  • 13 American Open Series qualifiers
  • 4 American Open Finals qualifiers
  • 2 National qualifiers
  • 3 State Champions
  • 1 Youth National Champion

Athletic Accolades:

  • Local Meet Podium 8x
  • 3x American Open Finals qualifier
  • 2x National Qualifier

Best Competition Lifts

  • 123kg/271lbs Snatch
  • 151kg/332lbs Clean and Jerk
  • **Lifting in the 81kg/178lbs weight class

Best Training Lifts

  • 125kg/275 Snatch
  • 155/341lbs Clean and Jerk
  • Front Squat 181kg/400lbs
  • Squat 210kg/462lbs
  • Push Press 130kg/286lbs
The CrossFit Open: What to Expect
0:00 AM
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The CrossFit Open: What to Expect




You may be wondering how the next five weeks will look, especially if this is your first time doing the Open. Below are some details but feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.
Completing the workouts:
  • CrossFit will announce the week’s workout on Thursday night, with the first workout being announced on October 10.


  • We will be holding heat times on Friday nights (aka “Friday Night Lights”) to complete the workout. We will have a suggested warm up on the whiteboard. You will need to plan time to warm yourself up before your heat. You will also need a judge. Please plan to help out and judge for other people after your heat.


  • As in past years, we will post a link to a Google sheet where you can sign ups for a Friday heat on the Hardware daily WOD blog once the workout is announced on Thursdays.



  • While we encourage you to complete the workout on Friday evenings, the 5am, 6am, and 12pm Friday classes will all be completing the Open workout in class if you would prefer to do the workout then. You can also do the workout during open gym time on Sunday if your schedule does not allow for Friday. If you are completing the workout during class time, be sure to make it to class on time or extra early as these workouts frequently necessitate a lot of explanation.



  • Everyone who is signed up to particpate in the Open through CrossFit will need to log their scores on crossfit.com by 7pm on Mondays!


Fun stuff!
  • The Open is all about community. We will be having some organized fun and spirit building elements this year, too! First and foremost, the October 11th Friday Night Lights will end with a potluck after party. Please bring some food to share! Family and friends are welcome, too. We’ll be hanging out at the gym for a while after the final heats end.


  • Your team captain will be coordinating spirit, outfits, cheer, etc. This year we are trying something new with theme weeks. Week 1 we are encouraging everyone to dress in their team colors. Bring the spirit and help your team earn points!
Official Team List for the October Open
0:00 AM
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Official Team List for the October Open


Official 2020 Open Teams




Captain: Eric S.


Adrian A. 

Alia K.

Billy D. 

Brianna B. 

Carmen K.

Don G. 

Eddie M.

Emily V. 

Jamie B.

Jana M.

John L.

Keaton W. 

Luke S. 

Lynn M.

Marci L. 

Matt B.

Parker G.

Pete C. 

Pete Z.

Sarah P. 

Tim L.




Captain: Michael N. 


Alesia T.

Carlos R. 

Crystal M.

Darcy L.

David P. 

James H. 

John S. 

Katie L.

Katie M.

Landree F.

Matteo O. 

Matt McG.

Melody L. 

Melon D.

Nat S.

Ryan Z.

Steve S. 

Tomas V.

Tommy D. 

Torry B. 




Captain: Eddie C. 


Angela H. 

Caitlin F.

Chris L.

Connie M. 

George F.

Jake R. 

Joel M.

Josh C. 

Kristy B. 

Liscel E.

Martin C. 

Mason B.

Oriana C. 

Owen D. 

Ozzie G.

Paul C.

Pete S. 

Stacy R. 

Stephen M. 

Tammy H. 

Todd C. 




Captain: Nicole B. 


Andy F.

Ashley P.

Bill F.

Charlie B. 

Edzen L. 

Eric J.

Gizem S. 

Heather D.

Jim D.

Katy W. 

Lily L. 

Marko D. 

Nick P. 

Pauline S. 

Philip M.

Ryan H.

Sebastian G.

Shannon B.

Steve K.

Vasilis M. 

Victor B. 

0:00 AM
Event name



Just like the CrossFit Open, this challenge will be $20 for 5 weeks. Also, just like the Open, this will be a fun and challenging 5 weeks, designed to help you become the best version of yourself!

Unlike our Nutrition Challenge, this Challenge is built with sole purpose of helping you create habits that will help you become a healthier, fitter, happier person. We have incorporated aspects of nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. This Challenge is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all styles of eating and all different kinds of fitness goals. In short, everyone can benefit from developing these habits!



Upon registration, you’ll receive an email from us, giving you further details. The first choice you have is whether or not you’d like to be involved in the public leader board. If that kind of pressure helps you excel, you’re in! If that kind of pressure is a negative influence on you, we’ll make you a private leader board that only you (and a Coach) can see. No problem!

Starting Monday, 9/2, the challenge is to rack up as many points as possible in 5 Weeks. Participants can gain points in two categories: Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Nutrition Points are awarded for:

  • Eating whole-food protein in your meals
  • Eating non-starchy vegetables in your meals
  • Eating healthy fats in your meals
  • Limiting fruit intake (a very reasonable amount)
  • Keeping added sugar to a minimum
  • Limiting Alcohol consumption


Lifestyle Points are awarded for:

  • Being in bed with screens off for 7+ or 8+ hours a night.
  • Working Out
  • Taking a Rest Day
  • Completing a Surprise “Weekly Challenge” for big bonus points!


We believe that virtually everyone can and will benefit from incorporating all of those elements on a daily basis. Join us for the challenge and let’s make these changes together! Just like fitness, it’s much more fun with friends!

(Registration will be live on Wednesday, 8/28)

Upcoming Workshops and Challenges
17:30 PM
Event name

Upcoming Workshops and Challenges


Here’s a list of the upcoming workshops and things we’ve got planned leading up to the CrossFit Open 19.2.0! Keep checking in on anything listed as TBD as we will be updating regularly!



  • Thursday, 8/22 from 5:30pm-6pm


FREE Info Session regarding the September Wellness Challenge:

  • Sunday, 8/25 from 10am-10:30am



  • Sunday, 8/25 from 11:00 – 11:30am


2 Week Double Under Challenge begins!

  • Monday, 8/26 – 9/9


5 Week Wellness Challenge Begins!

  • Monday 9/2



  • Saturdays, 9/14 and 9/21



  • Thursday, 9/26 from 5:30pm to 6pm



  • Saturday, 9/28 from 12:30pm to 1pm



Preparation for the CrossFit Open: Part 2
5:00 AM
Event name

Preparation for the CrossFit Open: Part 2


Although most people don’t come to Hardware to compete. The CrossFit Open provides a good opportunity to assess your fitness level and compare your performance to previous years. It’s never a good idea to assess your ability solely on your performance in a single workout or a single class. The Open certainly provides a more well-rounded assessment of your fitness.

As a gym we have always used cycles in our general CrossFit program to give some variety and shift our focus to different skills at scheduled times throughout the year. Cycles allow athletes to dig in a little deeper and focus on the details of the featured movements within that cycle.

Upcoming Cycle Overview

Skills Overview:

  • Barbell cycling (power clean, snatch, and push jerk): The goal is to be able to move light and medium weight faster and more efficiently for 5+ reps.
  • Double Unders: Depending on your skill level, the goal is either (1) get your first double under. (2) increase total reps in our 3 minutes AMRAP double under test. (3) do bigger, unbroken sets of double unders.
  • TTB, Pull Ups, HSPU: We will continue spend time honing technique of these movements, by including skill sessions into classes.

Strength Overview:  We will use variations of the bench press, squat, and deadlift in a medium to high volume (25+ total reps) with medium to high reps (8+ per set). We will use weights at or greater than 65% of your 1RM each week for these movements.

Conditioning Overview: We will incorporate higher volume (50+ total reps) of gymnastic movements (specifically toes to bar, pull-ups, burpees and handstand push-up). We will also be working to improve our abilities to perform larger sets (30+ reps) with these movements.

The following supplemental programs/challenges will be offered to help athletes with the highly technical skills commonly seen in the Open

  • Double Under Clinic / Challenge
  • Muscle Up Clinic
  • HSPU Clinic
  • Nutrition challenge
Beach WOD 2019
10:00 AM
Event name

Beach WOD 2019


It’s time for Hardware’s annual BEACH WORKOUT!

Meet at Hollywood Beach at 10am on 7/27. We’ll be the giant group of people sporting giant groups of muscles! Here’s a picture that was taken by Chris Leh of last year’s Beach WOD:


Feel free to bring friends and family for any or all of the following:

10:00 AM – We will meet at the Kathy Osterman Beach House

10:15 AM- Warm up and workout

11:00 AM – Games (Bags, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee)

12:00 PM – Potluck! Feel free to join us in providing some of the following: beverages, fruit, salad, vegan and paleo options, lunch meat , etc.

We won’t be bringing a grill this year 🙁

If you are bringing something, please follow this link list and list the item (so that there is not a big overlap). Thanks!


8:00 AM
Event name



Hardware CrossFit is proud to be bringing you a one-of-a-kind day of fitness to raise funds for multiple organizations who are impacting the lives of Chicago’s LGBTQ+ Communities!

We are donating 100% of the proceeds from this event!

In addition to donating the proceeds from registration and T-Shirt sales, we have set up a Go Fund Me with a goal of donating $3000 to Center on Halsted which uses funds to advance the community and to secure the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer people of Chicagoland. This is a cause very near and dear to us at Hardware and we know, with YOUR help, that we can reach our goal.

Regardless of whether or not you’d like to participate in the event, CLICK HERE TO DONATE to our fundraising campaign. Help us make a real difference in the world!


PRIDE-A-PALOOZA: What is it and how do I participate?

PRIDE-A-PALOOZA is a one-of-a-kind day of fitness! It will include a Powerlifting event in the morning and a CrossFit event in the afternoon.

Athletes can Register for Powerlifting-Only, CrossFit-Only, or BOTH. No matter which option you choose, participants will get a PRIDE-A-PALOOZA T-Shirt* and all registration proceeds will also be donated to the cause. See below for more details!

*Athletes must register by THURSDAY, 6/6 to guarantee an available shirt color and size! 



POWERLIFTING (Limited to 24 participants)


Cost: $30 for Powerlifting-Only ($45 for CrossFit-Combo)


Time: 8am – 12:30pm

  • Athletes will be placed into one of three 90min “flights” based on their estimated Powerlifting Total.


How It Works:

  • Each athlete will get 3 attempts at a 1 Rep Max Back Squat, 3 attempts at a 1 Rep Max Bench Press, and 3 attempts at a 1 Rep Max Deadlift.
  • All attempts will happen within the athlete’s 90min flight.
  • The weight of the athlete’s heaviest successful 1RM in each lift will be added together for their score. This is known as the athlete’s “Powerlifting Total.”
  • Medals will be given out for anyone who hits a PR on any lift during the meet!




Q: Am I “strong enough” to participate in this event?



Q: Can I invite my friends and family to watch and cheer?

A: YES! Bring a big cheering squad! Spectator seating will be arranged and available. There will be no charge for spectators but we strongly encourage them to donate to our cause!


Q: Do I need to be at Hardware for the entire time? (8am – 12:30pm)

A: No. Although we would like to encourage everyone stay and cheer, you only have to be available during the time of your assigned flight. You may want to budget time on either end of your flight, as well!


Q: Is this event open to athletes outside of Hardware?

A: We want Pride-A-Palooza to be a celebration of the strength, diversity, and beauty of the athletes we have at Hardware. For that reason, we are keeping the participation to current Hardware members only.





Cost: $30 for CrossFit-Only ($45 for Powerlifting-Combo)


Time: 1:30 – 4:30pm

  • Athletes will be assigned to one of six 30min “heats.” Within that 30min heat, the athlete may take on one or more short workouts. The workout(s) will be released closer to the event date.


How It Works:

  • Participants will take part in a standard “CrossFit Open” style workout within their 30min heat.
  • The workout will be a SOLO workout, but we will have as many as 10 athletes working in each heat.
  • Athletes will choose between 3 division standards (weights/variations) based on their own personal fitness level. This can and should be discussed with a Coach in the time leading up to the event!




Q: Am I “fit enough” to participate in this event?

A: YES! This workout will most closely resemble a workout from the CrossFit Open. There will be divisions (weights/variations) for ALL LEVELS. If none of the divisions fit your needs, we’ll do what we do best: Scale!


Q: Can I invite my friends and family to watch and cheer?

A: YES! Bring a big cheering squad! Spectator seating will be arranged and available. There will be no charge for spectators but we strongly encourage them to donate to our cause!


Q: When will the workout(s) be realeased?

A: Mmmmmm…. don’t know! It wouldn’t be a CrossFit workout if there weren’t a little of the “unknown and unknowable!”

We will make sure division standards and recommendations are released in the week leading up to the event so that everyone can feel comfortable and safe with their choice of division.


Q: Is this event open to athletes outside of Hardware?

A: We want Pride-A-Palooza to be a celebration of the strength, diversity, and beauty of the athletes we have at Hardware. For that reason, we are keeping the participation to current Hardware members only.


Volunteer for the Bowmanville Gateway Garden
10:00 AM
Event name

Volunteer for the Bowmanville Gateway Garden


No special skills required– just a readiness for moderate to heavy physical activity.


It’s time to prepare the Bowmanville Gateway Garden to open for the 2019 season! We need lots of help transporting 66 tons of fresh soil into our new raised beds. No special skills required– just a readiness for moderate to heavy physical activity.

Location: 5346 N. Ravenswood Ave (corner of Ravenswood and Balmoral)

Date: March 23, 2019

Please sign up for all dates/times you are interested and available on the WOD Page!

Tasks include:

• Breaking up compacted soil with spade forks
• Shoveling soil from bulk piles into wheelbarrows
• Using wheelbarrows to transport soil to raised beds
• Unloading soil from wheelbarrows into beds
• Raking/distributing soil evenly into beds
• Shoveling/sweeping excess soil from gutters and street

Tools and work gloves will be provided. Please wear appropriate clothing and closed toed sturdy shoes to prevent injury. We will send an email, in advance, if we are in need of volunteers to bring extra tools you may have at home.

Questions? Email gardening@bcochicago.org

Open Kick-Off / End of Nutrition Challenge Party!
18:30 PM
Event name

Open Kick-Off / End of Nutrition Challenge Party!


Celebrate a huge night with us at Hardware CrossFit! Friday, 2/22 not only marks the kick-off to the Spring 2019 CrossFit Open, but also the end of 6 amazing weeks of the New Year Nutrition Challenge! This calls for a serious party!

Friday Night Lights will be happening starting at 5:45pm so we will officially be partying from 6:30 – 9:30pm. Here are some details…

– Friends and family welcome! Have your friends/family/spouses/kiddos come and cheer you on in your yearly test of fitness and then reward yourself with some delicious food and time with your loved ones.

– Hardware will be providing barbecue from SMOQUE BBQ.

– Partiers should BYOB and side dishes.

– FREE to attend for all!

Ask a coach if you have any questions or email adrian@hardwarecrossfit.com for any additional info or concerns. We can’t wait to crush a hard workout and then party with you and yours!

New Year Nutrition Challenge 2019
0:00 AM
Event name

New Year Nutrition Challenge 2019


Hardware is kicking off 2019 with a 6 week nutritional challenge with a goal of helping you establish healthier eating habits!

The goal of the challenge is to accumulate points by eating real food, not too much, and mostly plants at every meal.

There are also points awarded for sleeping 7 hours a night and getting in a workout!

At the end of the challenge, we hope to have established much better awareness of the quality and quantity of our food and maybe have even kicked some bad habits to the curb for good!

The top 5 scorers in each division (3 Meals a day and 4 Meals a day) will win big prizes including a month of Unlimited Membership at Hardware, Consultation and Macro Prescriptions from Beyond the Box Nutrition, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Protein Powders, Fit Aid, and more!

See the Daily WOD page for links to registration and more details. Registration is open until 9pm on Sunday, 1/13.

Nutrition Seminar by Beyond the Box Nutrition
9:00 AM
Event name

Nutrition Seminar by Beyond the Box Nutrition


On Sunday, 1/6 at 9am, Beyond the Box Nutrition will be giving a presentation on proper nutrition for CrossFitters!

It’s the top of the year and we are all primed for making serious changes to our diets. Beyond the Box will provide all of the necessary information for understanding the importance of choosing and balancing macronutrients, sleep, and pre/post workout nutrition, and more!

The goal of the presentation is to kick start Hardware in establishing healthy habits surrounding food and to help us all make the gainz we are working so hard for!

After the presentation we will have an information session regarding Hardware’s New Year Nutrition Challenge!

Hardware's 1st Mock Oly Meet
10:00 AM
Event name

Hardware's 1st Mock Oly Meet


On December 15th, Hardware will be holding it’s first ever MOCK OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING MEET!

If you’ve never seen or participated in a weightlifting meet, this is a perfect opportunity to have some fun, try something new, and bring home a sweet PR for the holidays!

Here are the basics:

– Registration is now OPEN!

Go to our “SCHEDULE” page, scroll to December 15th, and then click “MOCK OLY MEET” to register. You will need to set up a login with your name and email that you can use for all future Hardware related things!

There will also be a link posted on the WOD page every day until registration closes. Sign up early to be sure you get a spot!

The cost is $20. This fee goes towards prizes for top lifters and the general cost of running a safe and fun event for everyone at Hardware.

– Any athlete can sign up. We encourage all levels of lifters! Participation in this event will be limited to all current and former members of Hardware CrossFit. Anyone can come to watch and cheer for free! The more the merrier!

– Each lifter will get 3 attempts to complete a Barbell Snatch and 3 attempts to complete a Barbell Clean and Jerk. The heaviest successful lift in each movement will be added together to create the lifter’s TOTAL. For example, a Snatch of 75lbs and a Clean and Jerk of 115lbs would give the lifter a TOTAL of 190lbs.

– Weighing in is OPTIONAL. Each lifter that weighs in will get a unique score that factors age and body weight into their TOTAL. Lifters who choose to pass on the weigh in will be given a score that is the total amount of weight lifted between the best snatch and best C&J, otherwise known as their TOTAL.

– You need no special attire to participate in this event. Just wear what you would wear to class! Singlets are optional but ENCOURAGED : )

It’s as easy as that! This will be a blast and a very stress free way to experience something new. Be brave, sign up, and come and lift with your friends!

Get your free Trial Class now!

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