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Wednesday 5/27/20

  HARDWARE AT HOME WARM UP   Full Greg Everett Oly Warm Up 10 in each direction for each move… Wrist circles Elbow circles Seal Swings Over & Backs Freestyle Bounce Arm Circles Trunk rotations Hip Circles Bow & Bend Knee circles Leg Swings Squatting Ankle Stretch – :30ish Each Side Russian Baby Maker – …
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Tuesday 5/26/20

  HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   Start with 3 Rounds of: 5 x plank to down dog 5 back widows   Then, 3 ROUNDS 5 Slow Squats 5 Inch Worms 10 Alt. Leg V-Ups     PART 1   Alternating EMOM x 12min (4 Rounds) A. AMRAP Strict HSPUs or 5 Push ups …
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Monday 5/25/20

  HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   Spend 1min per leg stretching out the back of the ankle.   Then, 3 ROUNDS 20 Jumping Jacks 20 Mt. Climbers 10 Feet-Together-Squats 10 Good Mornings     PART 1   A. Take 5 Sets to work up to a 1-10RM Weighted Pistol(each leg)   B. 3-4 …
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Sunday 5/24/20

HARDWARE AT HOME   Yoga today at 11am!

Saturday 5/23/20

  HARDWARE AT HOME   MURPH… Kinda…   10min AMRAP Max Cardio (If you can run a mile in under 10min, go for it!)   Directly into… 20min AMRAP 5 BW Rows (or 5 DB Rows per arm) 10 Push Ups 15 Squats   Directly into… 10min AMRAP Max Cardio   EXTRA AB SESH   …
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Friday 5/22/20

    HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   3 ROUNDS 10 Leg Lifts in Forearm Plank 10 Arch Ups :30 Side Plank R :30 Side Plank L   Then… 3 ROUNDS 20 Ski Jacks 10 Single Leg Raise, Hips Elevated (each leg) 5 Inch Worms     PART 1   E3MOM x 12min 8 …
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