Yoga is Canceled again this Sunday 5/13 for Mother’s Day!
Triple 3:

Hey Triple 3ers!  Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the training!  We’re almost through the challenge with only 8 more training sessions before we do the final challenge on Saturday 5/19 at 10am.  We’ll have more details soon about event day, so keep up the great work!


Part A.

5 min AMRAP of Back Squats @75% 1RM of heavier*

*Perform 3 sec pause at the bottom of the 1st rep of each set

(2 min Rest)

Part B.

5 min AMRAP of Bike/Row for cals


RDL @ 40×0 Tempo: 3 x 10

Triple 3: W5D5
  • 2500m Row
  • 250 DU/SU
  • 2.5 mile Run

(complete in any order, rest as needed)


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