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Month: March 2021

Thursday 4/1/21

We are so proud to announce that our athlete of the month for April 2021 is…. Christy C.!!! We are happy to announce that our April athlete of the month is Christy C! Christy brings a great spirit, positive attitude and you can always find her pushing herself and the members of her community during …
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Wednesday 3/31/21

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS Joel H. Pre-April Fools AOTM Workout  34 Min Time Cap 1 Turkish Get Up (1 Each Side) 2 Overhead Squats 3 Tall Box Jumps (30 for men, 24 for women) 4 Burpee over bar 5 Toes to Bar 6 Push Ups 7 Pull Ups 8 Lunges (8 each Leg) 9 lateral jump over …
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Tuesday 3/30/21

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS PART 1 A. 8 min to perform heavy set of 3 on the BB BP; B. 8 min to perform Bent Over Barbell Row: 3×8-12   PART 2 GRACE: For Time: 30 Clean & Jerk (135/95) Leader Board Attempt! 

Monday 3/29/21

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS PART 1 Go Every 2:30 minutes 6 Rounds: 2 Overhead Squats; Increase weight each round    PART 2 3x 3 min amrap. 2 minute rest between each AMRAP. 8 Goblet Squats 10 Sit Ups 12 Cals

Sunday 3/28/21

TODAY’S SCHEDULE 8:30am – 10:30 am  KidsFit with Coach Brandi 8:30am – OPEN GYM with Coach Brandi 9:30am  – OPEN GYM with Coach Ryan 10:30am – OPEN GYM with Coach Ryan 11:30am – YOGA with Coach Daria


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