Month: May 2020

Monday 6/1/20

  ANNOUNCEMENTS   NEW ATHLETE OF THE MONTH:  MARTIN C.! We are so happy to announce that Martin C. is our Athlete of the Month for June of 2020! Martin went above and beyond during the great quarantine of 2020 by consistently joining us in our Zoom classes, continuing to progress his fitness, and doing …
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Sunday 5/31/20

HARDWARE AT HOME Yoga today at 11am!

Saturday, 5/30/20

HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP 3 ROUNDS :30 Run in place 12 Lunges* :20 Overhead DB Hold ES   *R1 – Reverse *R2 – Lateral *R3 – Front   Then Work up to a set of 5 DB presses at workout weight.   Then Work up to a set of 10 DB Lunges at …
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Friday 5/29/20

  HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   1 Set: 10 Standing Glute Wall Press (ES) 10 Standing Glute Kick Backs (ES) 10 Segmented Bridge 10 Single Leg Bridge (ES) 10 Forearm Plank with Leg Lift 10 Squats   Then… 3 ROUNDS 20 Ski Jacks 10 Deadlift + T 5 Straight Leg Sit Ups   …
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Thursday 5/28/20

HARDWARE AT HOME OLY – WEEK 7 WARM UP   3 ROUNDS 20 Hip Floss 10 Glute Bridges 10 Towel Bent Over Rows     PART 1   WORKOUT: 5 ROUNDS A1) 10 Tempo Clean Pull W/ Extension (3,2,3,1) A2) 12 Snatch Grip Sots Press REST 60sec   PART 2   3 ROUNDS B1) 10 …
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