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Month: April 2020

Friday 5/1/20

  ANNOUNCEMENTS   ATHLETE OF THE MONTH: MARY K.!      Mary K. is our athlete of the month for May 2020! For many years now, Mary has been remarkably consistent and positive force within the walls of Hardware and in the unprecedented month of April 2020, she brought her best to Hardware’s Virtual Space. …
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Thursday 4/30/20

  ANNOUNCEMENTS   QUARANTINE WELLNESS CHALLENGE – Starts Monday, 5/4 Coach Landree has put together a 4 week Wellness Challenge to help us clean up our habits and feel our best as we reach the end of quarantine! See the video below for details!         HARDWARE AT HOME   OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING   …
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Wednesday 4/29/20

    HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   3 ROUNDS Plank to Down Dog Heel Tap x 10 Seated Single Leg Lift x 10 each leg Reverse Snow Angel x 10     PART 1   2 ROUNDS 2:00 to accumulate time in most difficult plank 1:00 Rest 2:00 to accumulate time in most …
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Tuesday 4/28/20

  ANNOUNCEMENTS     HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   3 ROUNDS 20 Seal Jacks 10 PVC Good Mornings 10 PVC Strict Press 5 Tempo Squats 32X0 (PVC Optional)   Then…   Spend 2-3 Min opening up the bottom of the squat to prepare for Cossack Squats     PART 1   3 SETS …
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Monday 4/27/20

  ANNOUNCEMENTS     HARDWARE AT HOME   WARM UP   3 ROUNDS :30 Hollow :30 Arch   Then…   3 ROUNDS 10 Band Pull Aparts / Towel Pull Aparts / Bent Over T’s 6 Push Ups with Rotation at the Top     PART 1   5 Supersets of the following, resting as needed …
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