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Month: March 2020

Wednesday 4/1/20

  Join us for LIVE classes on Zoom at 10am and 5pm today!   HARDWARE AT HOME   INDOOR RUNNING WARM UP: (You can follow along in real time in the video above!) All to be done Alternating, as if going across the floor at the gym… 10 Standing Knee to Chest 20 Tin Soldiers …
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Tuesday 3/31/20

We hope to see you at one of our two LIVE classes on Zoom! Class at 10am and one at 5pm! WARM UP 3 Rounds of Rolling Plank :20 Front Plank :20 Right Side Plank :20 Left Side Plank Then… 10 Slow Squats (Hang Out at the Bottom) Then… 3 Sets of Around the World …
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Monday 3/30/20

WARM UP 5 CrossFitter Sun Salutations Then… 3 ROUNDS 30 Jumping Jacks 6 Alternating Groiners with Pause 12 Crunches A1. Pressing Movement of Choice: 5 x 1 – 10 reps A2. Pulling Movement of Choice: 5 x 1 – 10 reps *All reps have :04 descent! Partitioning as Desired, complete the following FOR TIME: 200 …
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Sunday 3/29/20

Melissa’s Mobility of the Week!

Saturday 3/28/20

Coach Darcy is back with another Saturday burner! WARM UP :20 Standing Hamstring Stretch Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch 5x Inch Worm into Push up Then …  3 ROUNDS 5 Bootstrap Squats 5 Push – Ups  5 Hollow Holds (2sec hold) 5 Superman  (2sec hold) Handstand Practice! 3 – 5 Sets of :30 – :60 an …
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