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Month: October 2019

Friday 11/1/19

Our Athlete of the Month for November ’19 is…. JANA M.!!! This picture may look like she’s in a Halloween costume, but in fact, she’s actually SO fast that she leaves jet streaks in the air when she works out! Jana has all of the qualities we love in a Hardware athlete. She is consistent, …
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Thursday 10/31/19

Happy Halloween! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS SCHEDULE IN EFFECT TOMORROW: 11/1 A. Work up to a Heavy Single Jerk B. Use 85% of “A” and perform 6 x 1 C. EMOM x 20 1 Squat Clean D. Back Extension Hold: 3 x :30 – :60 Squat Clean: 3 – 3 – 3 Every 3:00 for 4 …
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Wednesday 10/30/19

We are just over half way through the CrossFit Open and our in-house competition is getting spicy!  Team Red made a fierce come back this week, placing first for 20.3 combined spirit and performance! Their efforts were not enough to dethrone Team Blue, who are still holding onto first overall.  Current cumulative standings are: Blue (2251), …
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Tuesday 10/29/19

Blue Team has nooooooooo fun at all! 10:00 to Perform… 100 Double Unders* Then, AMRAP in the time remaining: 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 18 – 21 – etc. Power Snatch (95/65)** Burpee Over the Bar *Choose a number you can achieve while working for ~2:00 or take 30 attempts. ** Think …
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Monday 10/28/19

Jamie B. is ALL-IN on spirit for the Green Team! DON’T FORGET TO LOG YOUR SCORES! Athletes who are registered for the CrossFit Open need to log their scores on the official site by 7pm tonight or all of that hard work won’t count! BACK SQUAT Find an 8 Rep Max Drop the weight by …
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