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Month: March 2019

Monday 4/1/19

Hardware is very proud to announce that our Athlete of the Month for April is… VASILIS M.!!! Vasilis has proven to be an absolutely ideal member of our Hardware community. He’s got a consistently positive mindset and exhibits a tireless dedication to helping others! When he’s not high-fiving, cheering, judging Open WODs, or staying late …
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Sunday 3/31/19

TODAY’S SCHEDULE 10am – 12pm: OPEN GYM 12:30pm – 1:30pm: YOGA

Saturday 3/30/19

FOUNDATIONS SKILL: Rope Climb Technique STRENGTH: Pull-Up Program WOD: 5 ROUNDS 4 Wall Walks 12 Front or Goblet Squats (75/55) CROSSFIT PART 1 Suitcase Carry: 3 x :30 each arm PART 2 PARTNER WOD! Complete the following with one partner doing one full round at a time before switching… 8 ROUNDS (4 for each partner) …
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Friday 3/29/19

CROSSFIT NOTE: Now that the Open is over, we will be focusing the next few weeks on what we call a “Structural Balance” phase of training. During a competition (or competition season) we push our bodies to the limit and we find that it’s best to follow that up by spending time rebuilding a healthy …
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Thursday 3/28/19

FOUNDATIONS SKILL: Kettle Bell Swings STRENGTH: Handstand Holds WOD: PARTNER WOD! FOR TIME 1000m Row 100 AKBS (53/35) 1000m Row


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