Month: August 2014


Skill: Lever/L-Sit Skill Work Conditioning: In teams of 2, work to complete: 100 Double Unders 100 KBS 50 TTB 1 mile Plate Carry 50 Double Unders 50 KBS 25 TTB 800m Plate Carry Front Lever: Back Lever:


  Strength: A. Back Squat: 3×8 (2 min rest) (add 5# from last week) B. Split Squat: 3×8 @ 3110 Tempo (8 each leg) (90sec rest) Conditioning: 8 min AMRAP: 200m Run 10 Push Press (95/65 or 60% 1RM Jerk) 7 Pull Ups Extra: Glute Ham Raises: 4×8


Open Gym today from 10AM-12PM!

WOD for Dogs 2014

Thanks to the Hardware CrossFit community we raised $1,365 for the dogs! All donations go directly to the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation and Alive Rescue (Chicago). The workout was brutal, but everyone did a great job! “Dog Gone Good” 3 Rounds: 1 min Thrusters (75/55) 1 min KBS (55/35) 1 min Jumping Air Squats …
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WOD for Dogs: We had a great turnout last night. Thank you to all who participated and donated! Together we raised $1,365 for the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation and Alive Rescue (Chicago). Reminders: Class Schedule today: 9AM – Foundations 10AM – CrossFit 11AM – CrossFit 12PM – Olympic Lifting Conditioning: Partner “Glen” In teams …
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