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Month: January 2014


  Reminder: Foundations Class tomorrow morning at 9AM! Strength: A. Bench Press: 1×1 @ 70% 1×1 @ 77.5% 5×3 @ 82.5%* B. Deadlift: 1×1 @ 70% 1×1 @ 77.5% 5×3 @ 82.5%* *On last set, perform an AMRAP, stopping 2 reps shy of failure Conditioning: “CrossFit Baseline” For Time: 500m Row 40 Air Squats 30 …
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E-Caf Pudding with Ginger Blueberries

E-Caf Pudding is a snack invented by Erin Cafaro, two-time Olympic gold medalist. You can eat it on it’s own, spread it on squares of dark chocolate, or heat up some wild blueberries and make a fantastic dessert. Your palate may have to adjust for the absence of added sweeteners. If you need, you can …
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  Reminder: If you’re interested in participating in the upcoming Paleo Challenge, there is a sign up sheet at the gym. More details can be found┬áhere. Pre-challenge testing starts next week! If you have any questions contact Shannon Sullivan at shannon@bodieslearning.com. There is a Foundations Class this Saturday @ 9AM! The Foundations Classes happen (2) …
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3 Reasons to Consider a Paleo Template

3 REASONS Societies whose diet centers largely on grains and processed, industrial foods are riddled with disease. Contemporary hunter-gatherer, pastoral and even horticultural societies eating traditional foods have great health. When humans shifted from hunting and gathering to agriculture, our health declined.   1. We are in the Midst of an Epidemic Should you count …
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Strength: Thrusters: Find a 3RM Conditioning: 5 Rounds: 1 min AMRAP Burpee Box Jumps 2 min Rest Post WOD: Hip Extensions: 3×10


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