Our first Paleo Challenge will begin on Monday, February 4th! Enjoy Superbowl Sunday, and then we will get down to business. The CrossFit Open begins March 6th, so this month long challenge will be a great lead in to it.


The challenge is simple; everyone is encouraged to stick to the Paleo Diet of meats vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, and healthy fats. For one month, we challenge you to cut out gluten, grains, dairy, processed foods, sugars, etc. You can do it, and you will look, feel, and perform better!


On Saturday, 2/2/13 there will be a Paleo Challenge info session at Noon where we will answer any questions and go over the details of the challenge.



When:      February 4th – March 4th

Improvement Criteria:

  • % Improvement in Body Fat Percentage (Bio-Sig Caliper Body Fat Tests)
  • % Improvement in Strength Test
  • % Improvement in Metabolic Conditioning Test
  • Improvement in before and after photos

Cost:   $50

  • $20 for Body Fat Testing (2 readings)
  • $30 to winners’ cash prizes


  • Sat 2/2 – Metabolic Conditioning Test (performed in class)
  • Sat 2/2 – 12PM Paleo Challenge Info Session
  • Mon 2/4 – Initial Body Fat % Test (Sign up for times in the office) and “before” photos
  • Mon 2/4 – Strength Test (performed during class)
  • Sat 3/2 – Metabolic Conditioning Re-Test (performed in class)
  • Mon 3/4 – Body Fat % Re-Test, “after” photos
  • Mon 3/4 – Strength Re-Test
  • Sat 3/6 – Announcement of winners


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