Shannon Sullivan
Nutrition Coach

“I don’t work out” was self-defining before sheer curiosity and affinity for people who go all out brought Shannon to HWCF in April of 2014. ‘Not working out’ originally meant skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking, including her first coaching job as a ski and snowboard instructor and divisional snowboard clinic leader. But a decade and a half of city living took it’s toll and none of her urban fitness forays stuck. The CrossFit paradigm was an immediate “Yes” for Shannon, and the enthusiasm and support of the community felt like home. Five months later she was cranking out burpees at the CrossFit Level 1.

CrossFit was also the perfect compliment to her practice of nutrition — grounded in awareness, personal responsibility, and results. Even before obtaining her masters of science in nutrition from Bastyr University in 2003, Shannon experimented with food to discover for herself what works. After a wide variety of n=1 experiments over 15 years, from Macrobiotic Veganism to the Weston-Price diet and more, the Paleo approach to diet and lifestyle finally brought success.

Shannon sees again and again that proper honing of diet and lifestyle brings healing and enhances performance. The most repeated comment she hears about Paleo is: “I didn’t even realize that was an issue until it was gone!” She believes that, when approached with respect and curiosity, Paleo plus CrossFit can be a one-two punch for “getting older” and bring people to levels of health and fitness that they never considered as possible.

 Activities Outside of CrossFit:
  • Swing Dancing
  • Dog Training
  • Bodywork and learning through physical awareness
  • Mainlining Nutrition Podcasts
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • Professional Chef’s Certificate — The Natural Gourmet Institute
  • M.S. Nutrition — Bastyr University



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