Can you believe this tasty cake was eaten one whole year ago?

We will be celebrating our One Year Anniversary with an In-House Competition and BBQ/Potluck to follow on Saturday 10/26/13. The competition will start at 9AM, and the BBQ is scheduled for 12-4PM. Hardware CrossFit will provide some tasty meat selections, please bring a side dish or dessert to share if you can! As always, friends, family, and your choice of beverage are welcome!

A Quick Side Note…

We ¬†(George & Jess) would like to send a big thank you out to the community of Hardware CrossFit. Never in our wildest dreams could we conjure up such a supportive, entertaining, diverse, and welcoming community than what each of you have had a part in making. We are proud and amazed by the progress made over the past year. There have been countless PR’s, ¬†first pull ups,and RX’ed workouts. With the level of commitment and hard work that is seen everyday at the gym, we expect even bigger things in year two!

On a Possibly Quicker Side Note…

The Hardware CrossFit community has become our friends and family in Chicago. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and support of our wedding. Thank you to all of the coaches who helped out, allowing us to get married somewhere besides the gym (although how cool would the turf have been as an aisle?). Thank you for the card signed by you all and the generous gift within. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The past year has been crazy, but the Hardware CrossFit community is what makes it all worth it.

Competition Details:

The first workout is scheduled for 9AM. The doors to the gym will be open at 8 for people to come in and warm up early. A sign up sheet will be available in the gym on Monday, 10/21/13. The competition will consist of (3) events, you may choose to do either (1) event or all (3). There will be a scaled and Rx division for both men and women. Prizes will be given out to the winner of each division.

Event 1

Clean & Jerk Ladder


  • Weights start at 105# and increase in increments of 10#


  • Weights start at 80# and increase in increments of 5#

Athletes must start with the opening weight, and progress through the ladder. Athletes will have 1 min at each station (50 secs to complete lift, and 10 secs to transition). As a tiebreaker, athletes may perform an AMRAP of deadlifts in the remaining time.

Event 2

12 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Wall Walks [5 Push Ups]
  • 10 20′ Lateral Sprints
  • 15 Burpees
  • 20 KBS

MEN: Rx: chest to wall on wall walks, 55# KBS. Scaled: 5 Push Ups for wall walks, 35# KBS

WOMEN: Rx: chest to wall on wall walks, 35# KBS. Scaled: 5 Push Ups for wall walks, 25# KBS

Event 3



  • Thrusters
  • Pull Ups

MEN: Rx 95#, Scaled 45#

WOMEN: Rx 65#, Scaled 35#

**For all Rx, pull ups must be unassisted, scaled will be jumping pull ups. WOD will be capped at 8:00 minutes.


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