We saw some pretty incredible things happen in the gym during the 2013 CrossFit Open. Each and every member of Hardware CrossFit should be proud of their performance. We saw athletes push beyond what they thought was capable. On 13.4 Sarah had a 10 (15?) pound PR on her clean and jerk. Jen Z. got her first strict pull up. While warming up for 13.3 Jared got his first muscle up. 13.5 saw a face off  between Kenny and Mauricio, the gym gathered around to cheer them on, and each saw an improvement from their first attempts at the workout.  While the athletic achievements were great, we have to say we are most proud of how the Hardware CrossFit community rallied together in support of each other during the Open. To those that stuck around to help count, long after they had already finished their workout, thank you! To those stayed to cheer on everyone during the workouts, thank you! You have all been a part of making this community great, so thank you!

Here are a few photos from the Open!

[fbphotos id=366184760165373]




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