Back Squat:

  • 3RM (5 sec pause on 1st rep)
  • -10% for 2×3 (no pause)
Conditioning (Practice):

Partner WOD:

15 min EMOM

  • 10 TTB (V-Ups)
  • 12 RKBS (70/53)
  • 50 Double Unders (75 Singles)
Partners are working on different exercises and switch at the end of each minute. Remaining time in the minute after completing the prescribed reps is the rest period. Every third minute, both partners complete 50 double unders or 75 single-unders. For example: in minute 1, Partner A completes the TTB while Partner B completes the RKBS. In minute two, they switch. In minute 3, they each complete the 50 double-unders or 75 single-unders. Continue this pattern for 15 minutes.

Lunge: 100m – 200m



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