Regular classes are cancelled for today.

Our First In House Competition begins at 9AM. The gym will be open at 8AM for athletes to warm up. Detailed information on the event can be found here. Detailed Heat Sheets will be on the whiteboard


Event 1: Clean & Jerk Ladder

  • Women (Rx and Scaled): Start Time 9:00AM
  • Men (Rx and Scaled): Start Time: 9:45AM

Event 2: 12 min AMRAP

  • Women (Rx and Scaled): Start Time: 10:30AM
  • Men (Rx and Scaled): Start Time: 10:50AM

Event 3: Fran

  • Women (Rx and Scaled): Start Time 11:30AM
  • Men (Rx and Scaled): Start Time: 12:00PM

Following the competition, it’s time to celebrate Hardware CrossFit’s 1 Year Anniversary. It has been one heck of a year, so lets gather friends and family to eat, drink, and talk about CrossFit (because that’s all we really talk about anyways). We are supplying Smoque BBQ for protein. If you’d like, bring a side dish to share. BYOB.


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